Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hawking Minor Engages Four Men Daily.

A young girl of about 10-years who hawks has been caught having commercial sex service with four men having sex in an uncompleted apartment at the outskirts of Suleja, old Kwata.

According to report from a nearby police station, the girl who hawks sachet water in little quantities meets to service four adults daily for an extra peanut of about N200 for her commitment.

In an interview with journalists, the minor revealed that she has been having commercial sex since she was eight.

In her words, “I started sleeping with men when I was eight years old. I use the money they give me and the one I get from my pure water busi­ness to help my parents and two junior ones, I meet these men every day to service them till 10pm, then I go home.” I don't sleep outside home, she said.

So far, the real identity of the men remains unknown since they have declined any details. refused to give their identities. After preliminary
investigation, the Police source has ascertained that “ the little girl chose to engage herself in act of prostitution. She was not forced and the men involvement with her was based on her consent."

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