Thursday, May 25, 2017

Who Is Who In Ministry: Jesus, Men Of God.

Most pastors in Africa are more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first, honestly along the line they've completely miss a point, a lot of damage has being done in the body of Christ!

Many Pastors popularity actually eclipsed Jesus! There are lots of these “little Gods” in our midst as believers; cultural idols who threaten to steal our attentions and affections, consumption.
They seem totally fine with soaking up the spotlight and getting the lion’s share of the glory, leaving Jesus as only a quiet, gracious runner-up. These group of pastors insulate themselves from their congregations, only appear on the stage when it is time to perform, they can't clap or sing in the church, but there’s really no one to blame but ourselves for giving it to them, and for building their brands so they can keep it.
I was in a church few Sunday's ago, suddenly all the ministers on the altar vanished! Everybody started running out of the church. In fact I was wondering what was going on, as i inquired, I was made to know that the senior Pastor just arrived and that happens to be how they receive them. Just imagine it! Senior pastor disconnected those that was worshiping the Almighty God!
In several churches today, the way they introduce pastors/quest ministers, you'll think it is God they're introducing! Beloved don't take Gods glory, if they introduce you like that,

please correct the impression and knee down to beg Gods for mercy! This is exactly why Herod was consumed by worms on the spot in (Acts 12:23) sadly in many churches today, pastors are being introduce more than Jesus! What is the introduction for? ( Do i hear you say give honour to whom honour is due) please watch out for pride, sir/madam, as you're reading this message, if its itching your ears, pride has already taken over, repent now! What is the carrying of the Bible for. If they carry your Bible, will they also carry your mouth? Will they carry your message?
When you over-celebrate yourself, God may withdraw His help so that you can see your nakedness. When you think your wealth is your making, and your prosperity is your making, or the anointing you carry is your making, God will withdraw a little, so you can see how naked you are without Him.
"The renowned evangelist, Benny Hinn, said one day, he went before the God to pray and he said to God, 'Please, do not take your anointing from me. It is all I have.' And God told him, 'Do not ask me not to take it, rather, ask me to return it, because I took it away a long time ago.

He lay on his face for two weeks waiting on the Lord, away from human presence... He remembered what became of Samson when the anointing had left him. That is what pride, self exaltation and arrogance can do to a man. God showed mercy on Benny Hinn and restored His presence in his life.
"Today pastors answers nicknames "talk na do, oga na mor, lion of niger delta, demon destroyer" often ministers enters into program with so much fanfare, pomp and pageantry as if it is Jesus entering Jerusalem, and by the time they get there, God says, 'Okay, perform the miracles. See the sick, heal them. See the unbelievers, save them. Perform! I am waiting for you...' What would we do?
Today, our protocol officers are aware that they do not have to make any ostentatious, braggadocios entry into any event or occasion. The Bible says, "What have you that you have not received? And if you have received it, why do you behave as if you give it to yourself?" (1Cor.4:7) This is what is limiting people.
"Get this: if it is the apostolic anointing you have, there are more apostles that have gone before and beyond you. Ayi Kwei Armah wrote a book titled The Beautiful Ones are not Yet Born. In case you think you are beautiful, you have not seen beautiful people yet. In case you say you are anointed, you have not seen anointing yet. In case you say you are called, you have not seen calling yet, so calm down.

"Imagine a young boy of twenty two or twenty three years of age who calls himself an apostle or prophet. He is running and elderly people are running after him. Imagine! Your father is calling you papa and you are not afraid? A person who can give birth to you calls you papa and you agree? And you say, "Yes, how are you?" That person has no future. He is a short distance runner. He is not a marathon runner. Marathon runners do not behave like that. This is one thing that destroys the destinies of many pastors and children of God. They are too proud... "God needs to chisel something out of your life! Say to Him today: 'Lord, is there anything in my life that makes me unusable? Anything You need to chisel? Go ahead and chisel it out.' This is my humble advice to you dear pastors, “ First, there is a Savior. The second, is that you’re not Him.” try to remember this every day with varying degrees of failure. Friends, love your pastors, respect your pastors, but please don’t worship your pastors. It’s a bad idea for both of you—and them.

-Gospel Pedro Anyatonwu.

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