Wednesday, June 21, 2017

100M Naira Farm Devoured By Herdsmen Cattle.

The state may have let this man down.
The menace of herdsmen is taking new dimension on daily basis. One recent victim is a high skill

mechanised farmer who occupy several acres of land and uses advanced field implements, hybrid, high yielding seeds that are resistant to diseases. Mr. Aroms Aigbehi came from overseas to invest 100 million naira in agriculture in Edo state.

However, as at a time he should be recouping, herdsmen came to his farm by nights, uprooted his cassava for their cattle, then went ahead and uprooted pineapples too so that the animals can enjoy the roots as they find pineapples too hard to chew. His plantain and banana plantation covering several acres has been reduced to nothing.

In his word, "We help to empower people to feed themselves but also teach them to be wealthy using Agriculture. We want to see major changes in Agribusiness in Nigeria therefore, we help provide practical training in Agribusiness to individuals and organisations in Nigeria".

When his staff confronted the herdsmen they were shot at - some were wounded, village women were raped.
The primary duty of a state is protection of life and property. The high authority and Edo state appeared to have failed him. When he complained the state did nothing including the police and infact he ended up receiving death threat. He was also detained for two days for daring to complain.

If he was a politician, one would have thought of a vendetta. As it is, there appears much to this development. In his desperation and frustration, Mr. Aroms Aigbehi is threatening to renounce his Nigerian citizenship.
Hear his story on the video.

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