Saturday, June 3, 2017

Amazing World Of Twins Married To A Man.

Meet this beautiful set of identical twins that are married to a single man.
Owambi and Owuni are 25 years old and are married to their dream man who is 50 years old.

The marriage which has been for some years now is blessed with a child to each lady. Their philosophy and upbringing has been to care and share whatever they find. It's no surprising when Owuni and Owanbi who have never been on a date find a proposal from their dream man.
From all indications, it's been a happy marriage, in a happy home. And the husband is said not to be
disappointing at all.

He appropriate his spousal commitment and spendings on them equally. On occasions, he meet them together. Owambi who was not ready at the initial stage is now a trained accountant and keeps track record of their husband's funds.

However, many are wondering from which angle to really embrace the kind of marriage - Africans traditional values or Christianity, Islam?
Many are of the opinion that with time, relationships with the offsprings will be difficult to describe.
I have seen different kinds of twins. They have different kinds of amazing telepathic feelings.


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