Friday, June 16, 2017

19-year-old Man Slept With 1000 Men As Female, For Rituals.

Abou two days ago, the news stand was awash with the arrest of a mystery prostitute who goes by the name, Jennifer Kpaakpa.

We at TRUCITADEL could not bring you the report due to technical fault.

We can authoritatively report that the said Jennifer is indeed a 19 year old occult man whose real name is Ushahemba Yaapera from Katsina - Ala area of Benue state. Ushahemba was initiated into mermaid cult and by marine spirit leave a dual gender life. In the day, he rest in a brothel among prostitutes dressed like female with unknown male organ. At night, he impersonates female prostitutes standing by the road side for unsuspecting customers. At this period, his organ is actively female.

However, luck ran against him when his male side was exposed as he was separating a fight between two female prostitutes. He was apprehended by the shocked crowd and whisked away by the police.

Upon interrogation, mystery Jennifer admitted to the crime and revealed further that he has been into the shady business for 5 years moving from city to city. Probed further, he said he was into a 12 years covenant with the marine world to make stupendous wealth
He confessed to have slept with about 1000 men using his female organs that function at night.

This occurred on Wednesday the 14th of March, 2017.
At the police headquarters yesterday, the man revealed that, by birth he was male but was initiated into occultism in a secondary school in Katsina-ala where he schooled and that since then he attends meetings under bridges of water bodies with other initiated members presided over by a queen.

Unfortunately, mystery Jennifer says that his goal is to immediately collect men's sperm for ritual purposes that ultimately also render such men impotent for life.

Ushahemba also claimed that he had left home since his initiations.
His case is still under further investigation at the police Headquarters in Markudi, Benue state.

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