Saturday, June 3, 2017

South West Indispensable For South East Actualization.

In the past week, I was in the hive of a conversation on Biafra – that is, on if the dream of an independent state of the southeast as conceived by some Igbo is “live or jive”.

In the dialogue, the obverse character told me that the actualisation of the “Igbo dream” was a fait accompli.

I challenged the kernel of his argument, and I suggested that the Igbo nation might be in a better place if Nigeria was restructured along regional lines. But I emphasised that to achieve this or for the Igbo to get up from the political canvas, they need the Yoruba. “It has become a matter of delicate necessity,” I said. “The Igbo are politically in the intensive care unit.”

But my Biafra friend went into an impassioned twaddle of how the Yoruba are “unreliable, ambivalent and deceptive”. At this point I knew there was no salvation here. I botched the broach.

The article was written for newsonline.

We at Trucitadel are of the opinion that for the South East to again actualize real political equality in the Federal system of government, they must have to build political bridges, and sell a formidable political agenda across regional frontiers. Politics is a game of numbers, alliances and trade of ideologies.

If on the other hand, as some of our brothers of the South East extraction are wont to do, that is, selfish determination and Actualization through political agitations and struggles, they must mend their broken walls.
In whatever way the swing tilt, the Yoruba of the South West are Indispensable.

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