Thursday, June 22, 2017

You Can Not Force Igbos Out - Rabiu Kwankwaso.

The former Governor of Kano State, has said that the Igbos in the North cannot be forced out.

While reacting to current development in the country, he said the Igbos have invested and developed so much in the northern area of Nigeria larger than the South East.

Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso who is the chairman of Senate Committee on National planning and economics affairs, was speaking with journalists on the state of the Nation.

He said, "the Igbos have more assets and investments in the north — than northerners have in the south-east. Igbo have nowhere to go. They have more assets in the North more than 80 percent or so of what the northerners have in the East. The land Igbo are holding in the North is more than the whole South East"

“The unity and development of the country is key to all other things, therefore we will continue to stand by it. Therefore, I call on all to join hands in ensuring that there is peace.

“We should use our resources to ensure that nobody raise hands to destroy the unity of the country. Talking of secession is going too far.”

“Some people are doing it because of their personal interest. I wouldn’t be surprised that the young man (Nnamdi Kanu) will contest for an election in the next general elections. They started agitation to galvanize support and at the end, they would contest for an election”.

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