Friday, July 14, 2017

Family Mourned, Buried The Wrong Dead.

A family were left in shock after realizing they had a funeral for the wrong man after there was a mix-up with the nameplate on the coffin, The Sun reported.

The relatives of the late Dennis Emmett, it was gathered had thought they were burying him in South Wales but in reality they were mourning 96-year-old Trevor Parfitt who was in the coffin.

The mistake only emerged when Mr Parfitt’s family went to his cremation at Baglan Funeral Home, in Port Talbot, and saw it wasn’t him when they lifted the coffin.

‘It was a terrible mistake,’ a family friend of Mr Emmet told the Sun.

‘There have been ructions.
‘The funeral home has been very apologetic.’

Mr Emmet’s daughter Melanie, 54, from Port Talbot, is reportedly planning to take civil action against Baglan Funeral Home.

The home fired the worker who had allegedly mixed up the coffin nameplates. Mr Parfitt’s family are not too happy either after they were apparently forced to exhume his body from Cymmer cemetery and then have it cremated at Margam crematorium, in Port Talbot.

The Great-grandad’s widow Pam added: ‘I don’t want to talk. It’s too upsetting.’ The Great-grandad Trevor was left furious and had to apply to the Ministry of Justice for an exhumation order at Cymmer cemetery, South Wales.

His body was removed from the plot and the funeral finally held at Margam crematorium. An investigation was launched and a worker sacked for mixing up the brass nameplates on the coffins.

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