Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Federal Cabinet Reshuffle Imminent.

According to top Presidency sources, Buhari is torn between moving around the current crop of Ministers, or dropping them completely and replacing them with new appointees.

With Buhari’s return since August 19, the President has been preoccupied with reshuffling his cabinet as soon as possible.

However, a Presidency source revealed that the Ministers who are all aware of the likely changes to take place, have been lobbying Buhari through their Governors or close allies of the President, to either retain them in their Ministries, or be moved to other Ministries that they deem more “important”.

“The cabinet would definitely be reshuffled very soon, and all the Ministers know that. It is for this reason they have been lobbying their Governors and allies close to Mr President, since he returned from London.

“The problem is that some of these same allies have advised Mr President to discountenance the list that was presented by Vice President Osinbajo, when he met with him last month in London.

“His allies would rather he dissolves the cabinet completely, and bring in a new team that would be completely loyal to the President.

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